Wpf treeview observablecollection not updating

Once I get that, Data Context of the Tree View Item of A is updated, but the Tree View Item itself is not. Items, it is empty and iteratation is unable to continue.How can I refresh the Tree Vuew & Tree View Item when its Items Source changes?here is the xaml for treeview definition I know this basic just covering the basics. Put a trace on the get and see if it gets called when you expect it to.Are you updating the public (set) property (not the private member behind it)?You Should Notify Property Change("Sub Cust Value") in the setter of your Sub Cust Value.

In the XAML I have bound the Items Source to the Customer Summary Details Property.

My App has a Tab Control, Tree View is on one tabpage, the other tabpage has a datagrid, it has some data selected from treeview.

When right click an item in datagrid, I want to locate the item on treeview.

If you are doing that, you need to ensure that you are back on the UI thread when doing so.

Is there a way to update it without being on the UI thread?

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