Who is nigar khan dating

The 35 year old Nigaar Khan (date of birth – May 2 1979) made inroads into the TV industry as a model first.She was the model for four years from 1998 before getting her first role as a TV actress in 2002, in the form of TV series ‘Lipstick’ which was aired on Zee TV.

Nigaar Khan was born on 2nd May 1979 in Pune, India. She is best known for playing antagonist role in TV soaps.

In the TV show ‘Sach Ka Saamna’, the 5 feet 7 inch tall Nigaar Khan opened a can of worms, so to say about her life that no one knew before.

She said that she had inferiority complex about her complexion and wished that Gauhar appreciated the fact that she had brought her into the industry.

Nigaar Khan also said that she had indulged in a one night stand.

She accepted the fact that she was discriminatory towards junior artistes and that she had sabotaged the career of a fellow co-star, who was eventually replaced.

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