Updating the currently checked out branch this may cause confusion Malay cam

diff --git a/init-db.c b/init-db.c index 65898fa..b002dc6 100644 --- a/init-db.c b/init-db.c @@ -7,7 7,7 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) { - char *sha1_dir = getenv(DB_ENVIRONMENT), *path; char *sha1_dir, *path; int len, i; if (mkdir(".git", 0755) As you can see, a commit shows who made the latest change, what they did, and why.

See also Appendix A, Git Quick Reference for a brief overview of git commands, without any explanation.

Since the object name is computed as a hash over the contents of the commit, you are guaranteed that the commit can never change without its name also changing.

In fact, in Chapter 7, Git concepts we shall see that everything stored in git history, including file data and directory contents, is stored in an object with a name that is a hash of its contents.

Equivalently, you could say that Y is a descendant of X, or that there is a chain of parents leading from commit Y to commit X.

When we need to be precise, we will use the word "branch" to mean a line of development, and "branch head" (or just "head") to mean a reference to the most recent commit on a branch.

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