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I just hate the fact that my favorite portable extractor requires another download to extract the file type that I want to use it for. I think its more likely to see use and testing, and then potentially getting added to the official entry.Other than that it is the best extractor out there. I understand how it can extract files from compressed files like installation executables, but I don't understand how that can help make the installed application portable. How does one get from examining individual installation files before executing the installation to the position where the application can be made portable? Don: The short version is that many programs contain many separate components that Extractor helps to break into pieces. TRD package, 568KB [email protected] Beeber Thank you very much ! y6gs3y6tc5cbnpe There is a forum thread for updates. f=2&t=4719 and not in [email protected] Would you please post your paf files in the forums, it really does not belong in the comments section. Just a tip in case you have the error message "Could not load library: Inst Expl.dll".

I got the file and have extracted the which is a 7z SFX file that is PW protected unless executed directly.

Universal Extractor allows you to extract files from a wide variety of archive files, including ZIP, ARJ, LZH, as well as MSI and EXE files created using various installer packages (such as Nullsoft, Wise, Inno Setup, etc).

Useful for testing apps for portability because you can extract files directly from installer packages without having to go through the installation process.

As far as registry entries, as stated on the homepage, if the target file extention is . PIED creates some more registry registry values are found at hkey_current_usersoftwareuniextract.

it looks as if it's only a "list" of the most recent file extracted and the folder it was extracted may store more than just the one that I have, but I don't have time to test it out this doesn't the portability.

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