Shia dating megan

As for his relationship with Fox, La Beouf previously claimed that the two hooked up on the set of back in 2007 while Fox was on a break with then-boyfriend Brian Austin Green."Look, you're on the set for six months, with someone who's rooting to be attracted to you, and you're rooting to be attracted to them," he told magazine in June 2011.The 29-year-old La Beouf, wearing a baseball cap, T-shirt and shorts, then walks away and meets several German locals, who offer to drive him to the airport.After he gets into their car, Goth, 22, returns and takes his backpack, begging him not to go.Just a few weeks after the actor dumped on his former co-star Megan Fox, claiming her unforgivable “Spice Girl strength” and her inability to handle Michael Bay‘s meticulous directions on where to point her ass got her fired from this weekend’s “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.” Now, a new Details magazine feature on the actor finds him using the opportunity to throw Fox under the bus yet again, albeit this time in a wholly different way.Asked by the magazine if he hooked up with Fox he nodded yes, that he did.” La Beouf immediately instructs the photographer to “get the f*** away from my f***ing house,” but the paparazzo refuses to leave and simply restates his question.While La Beouf and Fox were rumored to have hooked up on the set of while Fox and Green were broken up, neither Megan nor Shia ever confirmed having a romantic involvement with one another.

"There's no reason to worry." (The former costars last played a couple onscreen in 2009's with a brown paper bag over his head, which read: "I am not famous anymore." The actor's most recent public meltdown occurred at New York City's Studio 54 theater on June 26.He was arrested and escorted out after causing a disturbance during a performance of Michelle Williams and Alan Cumming's Broadway show .Following the incident, La Beouf's rep told Us Weekly that the star was seeking treatment for alcoholism."I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation," he added.In the video, Goth -- who is in Tubingen, Germany to film an upcoming horror movie, according to local reports -- and La Beouf are seen yelling at each other outside a taxi cab by a hotel on Friday night.

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