Roberta mancino dating questions before dating

She performed in 115 BASE jumps (35 with wingsuit) between August 2009 and September 2011.Also inspired by Corliss, she began wingsuit flying, which involves jumping from an aircraft wearing a jumpsuit with webbed wings similar to a flying squirrel.In 2007, Mancino broke the European Record for Formation Freefly and the World Record for Formation 69-Way Freefly.Also that year, she placed first in the Italian Nationals of Skydiving.

The very sexy Brittny Gastineau – daughter of former New York Jets headliner Mark Gastineau – is in sports headlines, as reports emerged from TMZ that she is currently datilng Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Michael Phelps.The last time we spoke with the extreme cover girl, Roberta Mancino, her most devilish escapade had been swimming with tiger sharks in a bikini.But as much as we like to see her in a bikini, we’re still pretty impressed with what she can do when leaping off a building with nothing more than the clothes on her back, the world’s longest zip line and a Go Pro Hero attached her helmet.Jessica Simpson is back in sports news – and this time, her story doesn’t involve wearing a pink Cowboys jersey or being a distraction for Tony Romo.In the latest edition of “Wife Wire”, we highlight some of the most recent beautiful women to find their way into sports headlines – and how each tie in.

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