Relevance and ranking in online dating

Solr provides a suite of built-in capabilities that offer a wide variety of relevance related parameter tuning.Index and/or query time boosts along with function queries can provide a great way to tweak various relevance related parameters to help improve the search results ranking.Book Crossing is a social network for people who love to read and would like to connect with other avid readers."Boonex The Boon Ex mission is to Unite People.Boonex wants users to collaborate in reaching global and personal goals. My Space allows you to build a personal profile with all of your likes and interests.You can update your status so all of your connections know what you are doing and how you are feeling.In fact, Tampa police say just this past weekend a 22-year old woman using Tinder claims to have been raped by a guy at his apartment in South Tampa. Also do some digital digging on the person you're hooking up with.“And if they're contacting you or sending you a text message and change the number or something along those lines, anything to get you pause, you're free to back out,” said Hegarty.Safe Wise used crime stats from the FBI, and sexually transmitted disease numbers from the CDC to reach its ranking.

Going out for the evening and need help with deciding what shoes you should wear?

-- There’s some potentially bad news for all of your digital daters out there.

A brand-new survey finds Florida is one of the most dangerous places for online hookups.

A site with a score of 1 is in the lowest percentile for that metric, while a site with a score of 100 is in the highest.

For example, if the site has an Alexa relevance ranking of 10, that means it is ranked lower than 90% of the other social media networks.

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