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The first cemetery was the This graveyard is very small and has only eighteen New Zealanders.

On the day he died there were only two casualties both of which were killed by shrapnel and they were side by side in this cemetery. I filled out the visitors book and found that very few visitors had been in this cemetery (or, at least filled out the book) during the last ten years and no other New Zealanders had been so I went back and visited the other sixteen New Zealand graves.

The previous evening we had been in Menin Gate, in Ypres, which, at 8 pm, has a short ceremony lasting about ten minutes which is very similar to the ceremonies we have in on Anzac Day.

Wreaths are laid, the Last Post is sounded and due respect is paid to the names of 54,000 casualties except New Zealanders (who are listed at Tynecot).

but I only used the first 5 slides and I quickly switched to a live demonstration where I showed facilities of Fam Net like to keeping records of living people private except to your family, attaching pictures, documents etc to your records, and managing your family group.

Here was a big list of casualties in the Passchendaele debacle who have no known grave.

Like all of her generation Sarah is comfortable using computers, and shed already consulted Fam Net where she saw that her grandfather, John Alfred PYM, had come to NZ in 1923, so she decided to use him as her subject.

Mary has written most of what we know about him in My Father, a document attached to his Fam Net record, but Sarah wanted to know more about why hed left after WW1, and just wanted a change.

It will be good to have somebody at the helm who actually knows something about genealogy: as youre all aware by now my expertise is in computer programming, not genealogy, Mary and I having inherited almost all of our family history information from the work of our parents.

I was going to continue with my series on Fam Net features by starting to discuss some of its features beyond the Genealogy Database, but Ive been diverted.

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