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Learning about sex and sexual behaviour is a normal part of a child's development.

It will help them as they grow up, and as they start to make decisions about relationships.

Children under the age of 13 cannot consent to any type of sexual activity.

It’s important to make sure your child understands what consent means, how it applies to them and that they have the right to say no.

To use the internet in 2017, you need to have some level of familiarity with the tropes and signposts of the type of trolling that comes from the alt-right movement and various flavors.

There's no doubt that children these days are exposed to sexual images at a far younger age.

As children get older it’s important to talk about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), contraception and pregnancy.

Although children are generally taught these topics in secondary school, it’s helpful for them to know they can talk about them with you too.

Of course, this won't be easy for everyone, especially if your child's behaviour seems shocking or morally wrong to you. Sexualised behaviour which is significantly more advanced than you'd normally expect for a child of a particular age or which shows a lack of inhibition, could be a cause for concern.

For example, a pre-school child who talks about sex acts or uses adult language or a 12 year old who masturbates in public.

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