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We’ve found several other scammers using similar tactics: (202) 770-2381: These people use the appearance of the name of EN DEV FND (environmental defense fund) organization in Washington, complete with a fake area code to make it look like a real phone number!

We've found several numbers in the Caller Smart phone book posing as potential fake debt collectors: The FTC gives excellent guidelines on what to do if you're being harassed by fraudulent debt collectors.

If you feel that you've gotten a call from a loan scammer you can file a report with the FTC.

Caller Smart's caller ID app has instructions on how to file a complaint and get yourself on the FTC Do Not Call List.

Most companies like Microsoft won't call you out of the blue.

If you do get a call where a person is saying that you're at risk, ask them for their information and say that you'll call back.

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