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[fimage] Neil Darrow Strauss, also known as Chris Powles and Style, is a pickup artist and published author, popular for his bestseller “The Game”.

There are great dating site reviews on if you don’t know which sites to use.We recommend the award-winning ebook Magic Bullets for a step-by-step guide to succeeding with women, whether your aim is to have more options in your dating life or to become a pick up artist (PUA).is also notable for popularizing the concept of "routines." A routine is something that a man can say or do to improve his success with women and that is repeatable.If you’re having trouble with creating interesting messages, this Online Dating Mastery Program will help. This means concetrating on one girl instead of sending tons of messages to different girls and increasing your chances of success tremendously.By all means concrentrate on one girl that you like (from her pictures, because obviously you don’t know her in real life), but do also send messages to other girls so you won’t be devastated when she suddenly decides to end your the conversation seemlingly for no reason.

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