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So, if youre looking at doing a main or soup, I can run through your options. I cried I think my second night here, it was so confronting. It didnt matter the embarrassment and its where I felt free and its where I felt, um... People have come from all over Melbourne for the non-dating speed dating. Anyway, I soon found out it had nothing to do with it. HANA ASSIFIRIIm just thinking, how do you manage these two potentially extremely different points of view in an environment where theres 50 other people and youre inviting people into your space to say, We are beyond the stereotype. MANAL SHEHABHana came up and she had a piece of paper and shes just doodling on this paper very slowly and she says, Hows everything going here? HANA ASSIFIRIAnd I said So, have you chatted about ISIS yet? MANAL SHEHABAnd she said, uh, Manal, what do you have to say about that?

HANA ASSIFIRIThey say, Im going to pray, they go pray, halfway through a shift, halfway through a meal, halfway through the chaos. HANA ASSIFIRISome women will pray five times a day, some will accumulate them all until they go home, some need to pray haldeh, which means right now, at the time that prayers called. So from there, I thought, How do we, as women, begin to speak to the male-dominated versions of Islam that seem to be on offer as well as respond to the hostilities?

Some people will say to me, you know, Your English is really good.

MUNISE KIRKCU, WAITRESSSome people really cant hack that I speak English.

NARRATORThese women are in a fight for survival, to reclaim their identity in increasingly uncertain times. HUSNA PASHER, SPEED DATERI thought, What is going on?

NARRATORIn the heart of Melbournes cafe suburb of Fitzroy, the Moroccan Soup Bar is a restaurant with a difference.

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