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Amy's lawyer, Eric Naiburg, a frustrated actor and former vibrating-bed salesman, argued that if Amy was a prostitute then Joey was her pimp – a "Teflon bum" who preyed on the teenage girl.Naiburg then offered the rights to Amy's story to raise bail money."Usually people in this situation – the Mike Tysons, the Kennedys – have significant financial assets of their own," Naiburg said. Her only asset is her story." Though Hard Copy and The Maury Povich Show declined to talk with Naiburg, Hollywood producers staked out courthouse grounds in a race to turn the crime story into a TV movie, an increasingly popular genre.Amy was later released from jail, securing the bail money partly from a television production company."So you're claiming that the papers are lying when they call you Amy's lover? But in November 1992, Amy, who was then freed on bail, asked Judge Goodman to sentence her to prison one month earlier than scheduled.

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Lawyers painted her as a lovesick teenager, a beeper-wearing prostitute who planned the murder of Mary Jo in a jealous rage.

Klein said to call her a high school girl was "as accurate as calling John Gotti a businessman in New York." Judge Marvin Goodman ordered Amy held on million bail.

Amy would take in her own Dodge Daytona for minor cosmetic work after several accidents so she could see the married father, and together they began an 18-month affair.

Then, on May 19th, 1992, Amy went to her lover's home near the Biltmore Shore Beach Club.

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