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She tilts her chin as she considers her question.“Can you tell me what love is? ”His nose turns pink, and his hand crawls up behind his neck, which swivels this way and that. You find someone that can stand you being a pain in the ass, and then you piss each other off a lot, but you kinda want to do it forever.And then…” Yusuke looks at her with his brows raised, like he was expecting someone else to be standing there, and scratches his head.Mind spinning, she excuses herself to find a toy to cheer up Eikitchi.Maybe it’s no longer enough to assume that she and her new friends are having fun. She doesn’t want to hurt Kazuma, after all.xxxxxxx Yukina doesn’t know Yusuke very well, but he’s Kazuma’s best friend, so if anyone besides Shizuru understands him, surely it’s him.He doesn’t do this with Botan or Keiko or Genkai, or Yusuke or Kurama or Hiei, for that matter.Yukina isn’t completely ignorant, even if her new friends sometimes hide as much from her as the Koorime did.

Genkai presses the button to continue to the next round.“The last time I fell in love, I ended up secluding myself in the mountains for fifty years. Speaking with Kurama is nostalgic, in a way—everything is indirect, measured.

Younger Toguro followed Genkai into the forest and killed her before the Dark Tournament's final round started.

Hiei wasn't near Genkai at the time, and Aegichi is Kuwabara's kitten, who wasn't seen again after the episode where Sakamoto kidnapped her.

It’s a wonder she’s not more disheveled, with all the flying she does.

Yukina is still trying to get her bearings from the brief ride Botan took her on, though the city lights twinkled beautifully from above, like multi-colored snowflakes.“I see,” Yukina says.

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