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Fast, informative and interesting, the tour passed in a blink. Bronwyn Morrison, Melbourne, Australia We've all stuck our noses up at those people with fancy DSLRs that shoot only in automatic mode.My excuse for not knowing anything about photography is that I don't have a fancy camera to play with.Bernal is--as always--a glorious gift, throwing himself into his role and scenes no matter what the writers descend to, he raises everything to his unfaltering, enthused level.He is a star in every divine, disciplined, and nuanced way.He is a star in every divine, disciplined, and nuanced way. Just a bunch of crazy musicians doing what comes natural to that genre of folks. In its third season, the characters are now like old friends.Such a relief when the season turns back to center on Rodrigo's conducting, to NYC, to his suppressed love for Hailey, and to his deeper conflicts about his own mentor and future. It is fun and entertaining to see them go through life struggles in pursuit of maintaining their creative lives as musicians.

We recommend that you bring a group of friends that have about the same skill level as you so no one is left behind or is bored!

I got a bit of architectural history in New York from this tour too!

Sam's tour is a photography class in the middle of New York City!

I have never been so disappointment by a following season .

I laughed and laughed in the first two seasons, excellent acting, stupendous entertainment. For those who don't think they can make it past episode 5 of Season 3, I sympathize. After the first several appallingly vacuous episodes, during which the writers abandon every good idea they had previously honored, the season swerves back to many of its earlier charms.

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