Hookup places in bangalore

Walking up to women who haven't noticed you yet and then trying to hook them into an interaction with you is just not the most productive way to go about things. So this means I'm not going to be looking at the divorcee bars, or rowdy biker type watering holes.

Again, if you go out and no women look at you, smile at you or talk to you, it's time to look at the other things that you are doing... I might go to those places for fun, and I could possibly find someone I'd like there, but those places don't typically cater to the demographic I'm interested in.

by Jake Vandenhoff If you go to a popular bar or club on a Friday or Saturday night it's going to be packed full of 18-35 year old women.

Most of them will be single, many will be good-looking, and they will be in all states of drunkenness. Here are 5 big things you can do to be more successful with bringing home women from bars and clubs...

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of dressing well, and having your look together.

So don't act needy, don't think of yourself as needy. These could include wanting to: Yes you will see hot women around you, but don't sweat them, just enjoy the moment.

This doesn't mean dressing up like some clown pick-up artist, wearing fedoras and goggles...

And you don't need classical "good-looks" by any stretch of the imagination.

The women there are more interested in the metro sexual guys with beards and scarves. If you meet a girl you like at a bar try to keep the interaction going.

If you have a buddy and you are talking to a couple girls, make sure to invite them to come over and keep the party going at your place.

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