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This exception is thrown when building the Entity Manager Factory.

The entity Persistors in the Hibernate session are all keyed by the mapping's entity-name. Or try setting the following hibernate property: metamodel.generation=disabled Apparently the Hibernate Derby driver does not handle Hibernate idbags correctly. Teneo generates the names of foreign key constraints. At this point the solution is to use cglib instead of javassist. This exception occurs when initializing a datastore. Another reason why it can happen is that you have a DOCTYPE tag in the top of the xml: When there are many associations in a model then it is possible that you encounter a 'too many tables' exception when executing a query in hibernate.

The generated EMF model wizard allows invalid documents.

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The error log can be opened through: Window Error Log.

For a plugin project this can be specified in the build.properties.

The example log4j.properties also contains log4j settings for Hibernate.

To set the version column name you can set an option as explained here.

Teneo creates foreign key column names by concatenating the name of the (e)class and the property name.

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