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Not My Small Diary #19 is a comics anthology centered around the theme “Unexplained Events”.

There are 43 talented artists sharing their TRUE tales of the strange and mysterious! Yost, Andrew Willmore, Jim Siergey, Patty Leidy, Pete Wentzell, James Burns, Fafá Jaepelt, John Porcellino, Micah Liesenfeld, Mari Naomi, Kevin Van Hyning, Roberta Gregory, Mike Kraiger, Adam Pasion.

She posted a photo showing her sitting with Jeremy and his manager Jim Jordan. We appreciate all the love and the hate.” A few days earlier, Jeremy had posted a photograph of himself looking relaxed and happy on board the yacht, but Chloe was absent from the picture. The model, who is currently the face of Phillip Plein, was famously dubbed a ‘hot convict’ after his 2014 mugshot went viral.

Playing a relatively short, sporty golf course like Village Green can be a wonderful experience.

For the avid golfer, the expectation to score presents itself at every turn.

Please explore our website—your gateway to joining our fun, friendly family of 55 residents and seasonal visitors.

We do have open spots for Annual RV’s or new Park Models.

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