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I'm currently still using Zotero 4, and I use a symbolic link (symlink) for my data directory, so that the directory is stored in a Dropbox folder.

This means that (a) my directory is backed up via Dropbox (along with all my attached PDFs, etc), and (b) I'm able to access it on multiple computers.

I found this guide for installing Dropbox on Linux with the command line and was up and running with this in just a couple minutes.

Here’s how I got local sync working with Cloud9 using Dropbox (check the end of the post for the video): Once your Dropbox account is linked and synced, you’ll want access to sync settings (like auto sync) and the ability to easily run Dropbox commands in the future.

This feature came in handy shortly after I implemented Dropbox as my primary file management tool.

I'll let my Twitter post from that day explain how helpful it was: To make this possible, I had to upgrade Dropbox to the 1TB level.

Go ahead and check out this help section for using Dropbox in the terminal and toy with options like autostart or exclude.

Here's an example of how I did it: Now you can try creating a file in that directory and see how it shows up on your local drive right away. And with that, you can execute the dropbox script anytime by running from the terminal.

There will be some careful thinking to consider as your files fling around between machines. While I use a lot of cloud-based services like Gmail and Evernote that keep much of my work in sync, I found that I wanted more continuity between my various Macs.

I take you through every step below, but be sure you've made a backup. There's the monster four-monitor i Mac at my desk, a Mac mini used mostly for development at the side of my couch, and my Mac Book Pro.

Dropbox saves all deleted and previous versions of files for 30 days, so if I want to go back to a previous version, I have an easy way to do it.

You can also buy extended versioning from Dropbox, but since I do daily backups anyway, I didn't see the need to purchase it.

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