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They also offer a BIOS recovery method in case anything else fails.

Für den verlangt Intel allerdings auch gut 2100 US-Dollar.

7: Unplug the AC power cable and open the chassis or the back cover now there should be small yellow jumper on the motherboard (it is the generally the only small thing on the whole motherboard but ask if you are not sure) make sure you remember how it is connected and then remove it.8: Connect the USB or thumb drive on the pc and then replug the AC power cable.9: After the Intel Logo or the splash sceen updating of the bios should automatically begin let it happen.10: After you receive the successful update prompt let it restart and then turn it off unplug the AC power cable put the jumper back in it's position and then plug the AC power cable and your BIOS should be updated and you should be good to go.

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"You just have this one page to make an impression," Hoehn said.

In the Canadian province of Ontario, Sarnia-Lambton (and its predecessor ridings) voted for the winning party in every federal election from 1963 until 2011.

Also in Ontario, Peterborough has been won by the party who has won the most seats overall in provincial elections since 1977.

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