Dating game contestant sentenced

On "The Dating Game," Alcala -- who was introduced as a "successful photographer" who might also be found sky diving or motorcycling -- succeeded in charming bachelorette Cheryl Bradshaw from behind a wall. "Based on a semi-rare blood match, Alcala was linked to the murder," the district attorney said.

Though he was charged with murdering Parenteau, the case was dismissed after his first conviction in the Samsoe case.

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" Strangely, CNN devoted most of the segment on the fact that Alcala was on the Dating Game and very little time on the actual people he murdered.

In that 1979 case, Alcala approached the 12-year-old at the beach in Huntington Beach and asked her to pose for pictures, the district attorney said.

She did and then rode off on her bicycle to dance class. "The defendant kidnapped and murdered Samsoe and dumped her body near Sierra Madre in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains," the district attorney said.

In 1978, Alcala was a winning bachelor on the television show "The Dating Game." At the time, he had been convicted in the 1968 rape of an 8-year-old girl, authorities said. A year earlier, according to the Orange County district attorney, Alcala had raped, sodomized and killed two women: Jill Barcomb, an 18-year-old New Yorker who had recently moved to California, and Georgia Wixted, a 27-year-old nurse.

The district attorney said Alcala used a large rock to smash in Barcomb's face and then "strangled her to death by tying a belt and pant leg around her neck." Her body was left in a mountainous area in the foothills near Hollywood.

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