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If they have primary custody and the children are school-aged, this means the children are enduring three massive changes at once: separation of parents, a move to a new home, and a transition to a new school district.If your children are experiencing all of this, it is advisable not to consider introducing a love interest for well over a year, so that your children can adjust to the many unwanted changes that have already taken place.Being a conscientious parent means waiting until you know your boy/girlfriend well enough to warrant including him or her in your child’s life.How much time is enough before you introduce your child to your new love interest?Because of this differing agenda between parent and child, tension can arise when mom or dad has a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Children, meanwhile, may hold onto the fantasy of their parents getting back together for years after the initial separation.

A major change may be parental separation, a move, starting school, changing schools, a graduation from one type of school to another (elementary to junior high, for example), a frightening medical event in the immediate family, a major loss, a close friend moving away, or the death of a close grandparent.

Often the financial reality of divorce means that the lower-wage-earning parent may need to move to a more affordable location.

Next, consider your typical dating behavior before you married.

If you tended to cycle through lovers, wait at least a year before you involve your children, so as not to encourage an attachment that will be transitory.

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