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This study presents preliminary baseline data from an ongoing study examining violent experiences among urban youth.Patients residing in one of two urban neighborhoods (aged 14–20) presenting to the emergency department for any reason were eligible to be in the study.All study procedures were approved by the institutional review boards of the University of Michigan and the Trauma Center, and a CDC Certificate of Confidentiality was obtained.Measures used in this study included demographics, substance use, violence involvement (physical dating/nondating, community violence exposure, and technology-delivered dating violence; victimization and/or aggression), and promotive factors (mentors, religious support, self-esteem, and mindfulness).There were no gender differences in nondating violence or community violence exposure.

Any patients with a chief complaint of suicidal ideation/attempt or suspected child abuse were not eligible for the study.First, the sample size is relatively small, which limits generalizability.Second, this secondary data analysis of cross-sectional data results in limits to the constructs examined and causal conclusions.Associations between TDA, risk and promotive factors, and other forms of violence can help identify avenues for targeting a significant public health concern among youth that is associated with mental health problems, injury, and future involvement in adult intimate partner violence (Archer 2000; Gomez 2011; Vazquez et al. Researchers have reported clear evidence that youth are increasingly using technology (e.g., text, e-mail, and social media) to express aggressive and controlling messages toward dating partners (Draucker and Martsolf 2010; Madlock and Westerman 2011; Zweig et al. Although the literature on technology-delivered violence is growing, few researchers focus on technology-delivered dating aggression (TDA; i.e., perpetration).

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