Dating a former prostitute

Actually, he told me, he was bringing in some pretty good money hanging out with gay men in their hotel rooms, watching their televisions and chatting with his clothes on. This was not the type of drunk-on-a-floor convo I had envisioned, the one where we slowly inch closer together until our mouths are touching.He stumbled out my front door and made me promise not to tell.This was, in my limited dating experience, the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me.It had been more than a year since I broke up with my college boyfriend. Now, he was nesting with a pre-law student whose existence he acknowledged in public.At least, that’s what I called him—he preferred me wordlessly following him up to his bedroom at the end of the evening and never touching him in front of his roommates to official “labels.” I had tried my hardest to steer our hangouts out of the drunken hookup zone and into a real adult relationship—I cooked him a steak, went down on him while he watched sports, and finally demanded that he treat me better or stop sleeping with me. Meanwhile, my personal life consisted of making out with guys who wore cut-off jorts, nodding into PBRs at my friends’ little music shows, and ingesting substances that would finally bury my childhood dream of applying to the FBI.Once in a while, I’d chat my ex-boyfriend to fill him in on what a craaaaazy time I was having out there on my own, my last bid to keep him close. We eyed each other through the window as we made plans for later in the week.

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She said she made “preposterous” amounts of money at 17 -- 0 to 0 a night.

Out of nowhere, he announced that he was the type of person who would do anything for money.

Like have sex with a lonely older woman he picked up on Craigslist, or, theoretically, kill someone.

The next morning, I opened my laptop and pinged my ex-boyfriend.

“I went out with a male prostitute last night,” was my opener. I told him I met a boy who had sex with old women and not with old men, and that I wondered what they were actually paying for him to do in those hotels.

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