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Busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules often means our personal relationships suffer."When I first met Jason on this site, we both realised pretty quickly that neither of us had much experience with the online dating space.In my own relationships, I know that I should break up with someone who doesn’t encourage me to be strong and make my own choices and do what’s best in my life, so if you’re dating someone who doesn’t want you to be the best person you can be, you shouldn’t be dating them.You know, the man of my dreams might walk round the corner tomorrow.The following are from a great book by Jimmy Carr & Lucy Greeves called The Naked Jape: Uncovering the Hidden World of Jokes [Penguin, 2006.].The egg mutters to no one in particular, ‘I guess we answered that question.’I met a new girl at a barbecue.

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