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Apple is rolling this out to millions of i Phone users around the world, because the 4S is Apple’s first “world phone.” While the original developers of the app were able to strike deals with many companies, or utilize open-access APIs to get data on restaurants, events, news and so on, Apple would have had to make this work across the world all at once, with whatever local flavor of Yelp was most popular in Bulgaria, for example, and as well as being a huge organizational and infrastruture-burdening task, which would almost certainly have consumed too much of Apple’s developer time, it would have likely been error-prone…and thus would break Apple’s proudly held belief in delivering working software.

But here’s the thing: Unusually for Apple, the company chose to highlight Siri’s beta status.

Two questions: 1) Is it OK to pursue his help with my career, maybe in a formal informational interview or by asking for introductions? Connect with him on Linked In and send a formal email to his work address?

Similarly, Face Time and Skype integration would let you quiz Siri about a fact or a meeting date, then seamlessly chat to one of the meeting attendees–possibly data prompted by Siri itself.

She’s always ready for action and throws herself passionately into any task.

She has the flexibility to be considered for a variety of positions.” You have a rather naive idea of what a mentor is and how you get one.

We’ve heard that Siri’s team inside Apple is one of the biggest–and with that many brains working on what was an already impressive idea, Siri can only get better in time.

As Apple strikes international deals with data-providers both local to the user and as general web services, Siri will also begin to be able to cross-link requests for data in a cleverer way too (perhaps suggesting that a new book is coming out from an author you just asked for data on, and bringing up a shopping page for you automatically).

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