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WE’re going to go a Kraken hour to talk about these delusions so keep your eyes open for that. You had Jason worried about Paul and you would talk him out of it multiple times.

I hope you all enjoyed the site this year it was fun as always.

Thanks to everyone that supports us and what we do. it was easy to make a house target that wasn’t me P – I pretty much controlled every HOH, the two that I didn’t..

Groundhog day – My foot doesn’t hurt today Paul – that’s good Paul – are done taking medication Groundhog day – yeah, I’ve been done for like a month. I dunno it’s been a while Groundhog day – I stopped taking that Pain medication and then the nerve medication f* me up just as much Groundhog day – it like made my.. I didn’t know if I would make it this far but I always knew you two would make it far. I couldn’t play the same game I played last year for many reasons.

the tip of my tongue and my lips numb so it’s got.. Read More Here we go Folks the final 4 eviction episode.

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