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Our bot will login to an XMPP server, join an MUC chat room and “lurk” indefinitely, responding with a generic message to anyone that mentions its nickname.

It will also greet members as they join the chat room.

The audience I guess found the character's fighting hilarious and couldn't take the movie seriously after awhile which made it hard to enjoy the scares.

My advice see it alone to really see how you feel about it.

), we can use one of the bundled plugins to create a very popular XMPP starter project: a Multi-User Chat (MUC) bot.Money Over Bitches Written by Justin Fabillar, Dikega Hadnot and Tim Clark (AKA Bustin, DKE and Crim) Performed by Justin Fabillar, Dikega Hadnot and Tim Clark (AKA Bustin, DKE and Crim) Courtesy of Maya Angeles Music By Arrangement with Hiam Records See more » I have to say this movie reminded me of plenty other films such as Sorority Row, Tamara, Cry Wolf or the most recent remake of Carrie and yet Unfriended held its' own pretty damn good.When I heard how the film was going to be shot I was a little skeptical as to whether or not it would work or just be really boring.The internet offers a new form of bullying that unfortunately is all too real and this movie shows the consequences of such actions to the extent of driving someone to commit suicide.I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this the characters were interesting but it really got annoying listening to them argue like little elementary kids.

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