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She had a boyfriend and she knew I had a girlfriend.

My behavior around her was not flirtatious or suggestive in any way and I was definitely not interested in her sexually.

It wasn’t that I was the problem for her boyfriend.

She couldn’t go out without him at all, even with her girlfriends.

If a man or a woman wants to cheat, he / she will find a way to cheat, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Learn how to stop being needy and clingy with your partner. Assume the best about your partner and his faithfulness to you until and unless you have real reasons to believe otherwise, because there are simply no better options.

In other words, there was no reason to suspect that I was romantically interested in her or that she will be in any kind of “bad” situation.As such – getting rid of it is a gradual process that requires work, self-reflection, patience, and persistence.The good news is that the rewards of dealing with and overcoming jealousy will likely keep you free of jealousy for the rest of your life and will make your future relationships much more successful and much less likely to fall apart because of your possessiveness and tendency to be too controlling.I remember asking one of my female classmates to go out dancing.We have been talking and studying together once in a while.

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