Blocking unwanted mails and updating

You can create lists of people or domains that you consider either trustworthy or untrustworthy.There are implicit circles of trust for messages sent from people in your Outlook contacts.

This is optimal for businesses that have users who only need the ability to communicate with specific people or organizations.You can configure the Junk E-mail filter for a strict degree of e-mail filtering by using the Safe List Only option, described in "Using a Strict Degree of Filtering for E-mail Messages" later in this article.A less strict degree of filtering is achieved when you choose the High option, described in "Using a High Degree of Filtering for E-mail Messages".The Safe Senders List can be used by both high- and low-level e-mail message filtering or as a stand-alone solution to provide the strictest level of filtering.The following steps will walk you through configuring your Junk E-mail filter with the strictest settings.

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