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o one is home at this house on the Jersey Shore — no one, that is, except a very cute and horny fourteen-year-old.Her parents went to Atlantic City for the weekend, she is telling guys online, and she wants to get laid."I guess there are no cops around, so it's cool.", they make fun of the news, but it really is the news, right?And I heard there's cops who pretend they're girls and shit like that." He laughs as his body finally relaxes, like a cat finding a patch of sun. Just then, Chris Hansen streaks toward him, a camera crew not far degree to which things are about to get uncool for Donnelly is amazing to contemplate.And Jason Rapert doesn’t give a damn because voters will reward him for pushing his Christian faith on everyone else.We've seen all sorts of criticisms of Wikipedia over the years, but this might be a first.Many members of Perverted Justice use pseudonyms, keeping their real names secret even from one another. At twenty-five, she's a computer geek's fantasy female: androgynous, beautiful, pierced, with comprehensive musical knowledge and a house overrun by pet Maine coons and an iguana.One of the few who know their true identities is their elusive leader, Xavier Von Erck, a twenty-eight-year-old libertarian and atheist who t's getting late, and the four top-ranking members of Perverted Justice here in the flesh — Del Harvey, Frag, Pibb and Don Pedro — are arranged around computers and video monitors balanced on the attic's chairs and beds, eagerly awaiting their afternoon prey. One of her favorite shirts features two cars crashing into each other under the symbol CTRL Z, "Get it? "It's a car crash, and Control-2 is the command for undo!

One hopped on a motorcycle for the six-hour drive from Pennsylvania; another grabbed a train from New York in a Sponge Bob Square Pants jacket, armed with a bottle of K-Y Jelly."Come on over, we're not going to get caught," she says. My dad gave me plenty of money for the weekend." When the guy fails to take the bait, her voice rises in pitch. The group is an assortment of Genesis-loving fatsos from Texas, introverted copywriters from Wisconsin, and New York nightclub doorgirls, with a dedicated core of West Coast anarchist tech geeks and gamers in their twenties and thirties."If we got caught, I would get into trouble, and everybody would call me a slut, and I don't want that, either. For those downstairs, is just a TV show; for those upstairs, hunting predators is both the coolest online game they've ever known and a life calling.Casey runs outside to meet him, taking a seat in a chair on the beach. " she asks."I was going to get them after I met you because I was so paranoid," Donnelly says, looking around."Man, I was just worried about this shit because I never met anyone under eighteen." He scrutinizes a couple passing by.

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